Analytical Industries Inc. was founded by individuals whose entire work experience centered on the design, manufacture and application of electrochemical galvanic fuel cell type oxygen sensors and analyzers. The extent of their expertise includes the development of the patents (original and most recent) and proprietary manufacturing processes; pioneering the application and sample conditioning considerations; and, a thorough understanding of the competition. Formed in 1994, Analytical Industries Inc. started with a clean sheet of paper, 60 years of combined experience (which has grown to over 100 years) and devoted the entire first year in business to R&D for the sole purpose of advancing the existing sensor technology. Analytical Industries Inc., doing business in the industrial marketplace under the trade name Advanced Instruments Inc., has earned a reputation around the world for innovative solutions to gas analysis that encompasses the design and manufacture of advanced oxygen sensors and analyzer platforms, a passion for consistent quality and superior customer support. As a result, we have become a leading worlwide supplier of oxygen sensors and oxygen analyzers to the industrial process control, natural gas, medical and diving industries.


The ability to develop and offer electrochemical sensor based oxygen analyzers for measurements ranging from less than one PPB to 100% pure oxygen establishes Analytical Industries Inc. as unique in the global marketplace. Recently, new detectors and related analyzers for measuring other gases such as carbon monoxide, combustibles, carbon dioxide, helium and hydrogen sulfide have been added to the company’s ever growing product line. Analytical Industries Inc. have introduced the only real advancements in electrochemical galvanic sensor technology in decades. From the breakthrough Pico-Ion PPB oxygen sensor to the totally unique electrochemical oxygen purity sensor and improving the traditional trace PPM and percent sensors in between; life, performance, compatibility with acid gases and reliability have been taken to the next level through the use of innovative engineering and materials, eliminating internal contamination and development of a tightly controlled proprietary manufacturing process.

Pico Ion Sensor Technology

Recognizing the growing need for ultra high purity gases in the semiconductor and electronic markets, Analytical Industries Inc. developed an innovative solution termed the Pico-Ion oxygen sensor which represents a significant improvement over traditional sensors because of its high performance, reliability, lack of maintenance requirements which makes it a cost effective alternative to existing galvanic sensors and coulametric wet cells. The Pico-Ion oxygen sensor represents an innovative breakthrough in sensor technology by combining the ability to analyze less than one PPB oxygen concentration with long life, absolutely no maintenance requirements, a compact size and a low cost of ownership. The advantages of the MS version of the Pico-Ion PPB oxygen sensor enables our MS series of analyzers to fill the void between traditional micro fuel cell sensors dropping off the lower edge of their performance envelope and the high cost and maintenace inherent in coulametric wet cells capable of 1 PPB measurements.

MS and UHP Series Analyzer

As a result, several multinational industrial gas manufacturers have validated the performance of our MS series analyzers in side-by-side comparisions and recommend them as preferred analyzer for oxygen measurements ranging from 10 PPB to 300 PPB. Yet another innovation that differentiates us from the competition is the introduction of the first electrochemical sensor based oxygen purity analyzer. This unique analyzer is capable of analyzing 100% oxygen on a suppressed range of 90-100% continuously for two years with greater stability and a significant cost savings when compared to traditional paramagnetic analyzers. Utilizing ATEX Certified Analyzers and Transmitters the latest in microprocessor technology the design of our flexible analyzer platforms is driven by customer demand for usability, custom design, automation, remote communication, reliability and low cost of ownership. Recognizing the increasing need around the world for oxygen analysis in hazardous areas, Analytical Industries Inc. responded by investing in a complete line of ATEX Certified analyzers and transmitters (view all ATEX certified products). In November 2010, Analytical Industries entered into a formal agreement with Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to have the ATEX certified products evaluated to CSA and UL standards for the purpose of obtaining a (cUL) certification for North America. When application conditions of the sample gas are not within the parameters for optimum sensor performance, Analytical Industries Inc. has the expertise and worldwide reputation for designing innovative cost effective sample conditioning system solutions which range from sub-PPB leak free connections, removal of undesirables (contaminant gases, moisture, liquids, particulates, etc.), controlling the temperature, regulating pressure to automated remote control with PLC and other controllers.