AKO UK Ltd bought out Paladon PV in February 2000 due to its excellent reputation with over 20 years of selling the Pinch Valve. We hold good stocks of the Pinch Valve, other products and spares and when necessary can get two-day deliveries from Germany.
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Welcome to the AKO UK website. The site provides comprehensive information on Pinch Valves, Air Operated/Pneumatic and Hand Operated/Manual Valves for the industrial sector.AKO UK is a British company that stocks and sells pneumatic Pinch Valves, Pressure Relief Valves, Hand Operated Pinch Valves and Aeration products. We also distribute various other valves of which information is provided on our web site.The advent of a wider product range gives AKO UK Ltd the opportunity to offer British industry more solutions to the controlled movement of bulk materials and liquids. Image We promise our customers reliable Pinch Valves and products at competitive prices, with the best service and support possible. AKO UK Ltd bought out Paladon PV in February 2000 due to its excellent reputation with over 20 years of selling the Pinch Valve. We hold good stocks of the Pinch Valve, other products and spares and when necessary can get two-day deliveries from Germany. We continue to service our existing customers while slowly introducing a range of associated products. Our customers are based all over the UK and include various sized companies from small businesses to large 'blue chip' organisations.
We sell competitive priced, reliable products and offer a fast, dependable delivery service along with full sales and after-sales support.We always have and always will continue to be focused on customer service. AKO UK Ltd is proud to be small enough to care and big enough to compete.
AKO Products
NEW VMC Type Pinch Valve      

 Extremely compact with various connection options.

The flexible modular system for solvable and aseptic piping connections!

The ideal solution for isolation and regulation of solids of all kinds, suspensions, pastes, gaseous, fibrous and viscous media. VMC Pinch Valve (2 MB)
VMC with various connections
Full Range of VMC Pinch Valves
  Pinch Valve Sizes 10 – 65mm available in stainless steel 1.4408, aluminium AISi10Mg or plastic POM Pinch valve SleevesNatural Rubber antiabrasive, EPDM, Nitrile, Hypalon, Neoprene, Silicon, Viton FDA Approved Sleeves: Natural Rubber food quality, EPDM food quality, Nitrile food quality VMC Pinch Valve Optional Connections Flange connection, internal thread connection G / NPT, tri-clamp, weld-on-ends, threaded spigot (RJT connection) connections available. Special conductive models with a separate earthing system which are suitable for use in areas at risk of explosions (EX) in zones 1, 2, 21 and 22 are also available. The air operated Pinch Valves of the VMC series fullfil all requirements of the Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC. Please see the datasheet below for complete fitting instructions for all sizes of the VMC valve. Re-sleeve Instructions
Pinch Valve Accessories PDF Print E-mail

Accessories to customise Pinch Valves

Below is a list of accessories we can assemble to the Pinch Valves to customise specific needs, with a downloadable PDF file of all variations that we offer; Accessory Sets (2 MB)
Solenoid, Regulater & Pressure Switch
Standard Pinch Valve Control
3/2 Solenoid Valve, Currentless Open to suit Pinch Valve 3/2 Solenoid Valve, Currentless Closed to suit Pinch Valve 5/2 Solenoid Valve, Currentless Open to suit Pinch Valve 5/2 Solenois Valve, Currentless Closed to suit Pinch Valve Pressure Switch 0,5-8 bar to suit Pinch Valve Pressure Regulator to suit Pinch Valve Pressure Regulator with Filter to suit Pinch Valve Quick exhaust valve 1/4" to suit Pinch Valve Quick exhaust valve 1/2" to suit Pinch Valve
Pinch Valve With AKO-VAC
AKO-VAC System
AKO VAC Sytem - AKO VAC Datasheet (309 KB)Proportional Control System - PCS Datasheet (182 KB) Pressure Relief Valve System (See Pressure Relief Valves Page)  
Various Pinch Valve Accessories
Various Accessories
VMP Compact Valve

Reliable and cost-effective!

The compact valve solution for the automatic shut off.

For example dust, granule, powder, suspension, sewage, air venting etc. VMP Pinch Valve RangeThe new VMP screwed Pinch Valve! VMP Datasheet (714 KB) Pinch Valve Sizes10mm - 50mm available in Black or White POM Pinch Valve Sleeves  Natural Rubber, Natural Rubber Food Quality, EPDM, Nitrile. 32mm - 50mm sleeves are interchangable with existing V/VM/VMF/VF types 10mm - 25mm require a slightly shorter sleeve than the other types, Please use 'K' as a reference, e.g. M010-03K Pinch Valve Optional Connections Rubber hose, Stainless Steel pipe and internal BSP connections available.White Food Quality VMP Type Pinch ValvesAll Purpose Black POM VMP Type Pinch Valves The VMP Pinch Valve is also available as an ATEX approved Pinch Valve, using conductive POM.Please see ATEX valves for more information A major advantage is the fact that the VMP is shorter than the VM type, giving more flexibility with applications. Improvements of the shape of the VMP valve along with the simple and clear instructions complete with photos allow the users of AKO Pinch Valves to complete re-sleeves in literally a couple of minutes. Only having to replace the sleeve means a fraction of the maintenance cost compared with other valves on the market. Please see the datasheet below for complete fitting instructions for all sizes of the VMP valve. Re-sleeve Instructions (906 KB)
Hand Operated Pinch Valves      
Hand operated Pinch Valve

Pinch Valve

Hand Operated / Manual type SD/C


'The best valve for abrasive and many other applications'

Hand Operated Pinch Valve Datasheet (1009 KB)   Sizes  Hand Operated / Manual Pinch Valve sizes range from 10mm to 250mm Flange Connections Flanged PN10/16 Selection of Manual Pinch Valves in a range of diameters Sleeve Materials Natural Rubber (standard), EPDM & Neoprene Pinch Valve Body Aluminium Advantages Extremely simple construction Straight through clear bore It has a 100% leak tight seal True bore - No blockages Can be used as shut off and control/regulating valve Operation prevents caking with difficult sludges Bi- directional Easy and low cost maintenance (Fitting instructions available on request)
PRV System Type V/VM/VMF/VF      

Pressure Relief Valves

PRV Datasheet (687 KB) How it works The AKO Pressure Relief Valve is fitted onto a bypass line of a pump. The Pressure Relief Valve is then charged with air and set closed at the pressure it is required to relieve at. If the associated pump becomes clogged or blocked, causing the line pressure to exceed the pressure at which the valve is set closed at, it will open allowing the product to bypass the pump and equalise the pressure until the blockage is cleared. The Pressure Relief Valve will then reset itself in its 'closed' position to the original set pressure. Available Sizes
150mm & 100mm Pressure Relief Valves
Pressure Relief Valves with Switch
                                                                 10mm - 50mm Socket Type VM/VMF 40mm - 200mm Flanged Type V/VF                                                       Pinch Valve Body                                                             10mm - 50mm PVC 15mm - 200mm Aluminum 10mm - 100mm Stainless Steel Connections 10mm - 50mm Screwed Internal BSP 40mm - 200mm Flanged PN10/16 (ANSI flanges also available) Sleeve Materials Natural Rubber (standard) & Nitrile (for small percentages of oil) are the most commonly used sleeves (other materials on request) Accessories Foot Pump (to inflate the PRV) Pressure switch (2 switches inside a single housing to give working indication) AdvantagesPressure Relief for pumps, water, liquid, sewage/sludge and food industry Proved reliability in the industry for over 10 years with 1000 plus applications in the UK Clear and true bore - no blockages No mechanical parts to get clogged or blocked Easy and low cost maintenance Single body casting When the valve is set (using footpump) to the required pressure, the air supply is no longer needed - perfect for remote areas The Valve resets itself when a blockage is cleared No need to strip down the valve after it has relieved No need to reset after pump starts ups or pressure surges All Valves fully tested with unique tracking number - 100% leak tight seal Full technical backup and valve maintenance in house or on site Please download the available PRV datasheet for more information.
Road Tanker Products      
Pinch Valves and Butterfly Valves are ready available from AKO UK for use in the road tanker industry.Butterfly ValvesSizes                                        Seat 80mm & 100mm                         Nitrile White Body                                         DiscAluminum                                   Stainless Steel Operation  Lever operated with 10 position locks Pinch Valves 100mm PV, Aluminum Body, Tapped Flange Connections, Natural Rubber sleeve as standard (Other materials available on request)