developing solutions: innovative - efficient – customer orientated

As a leading manufacturer of innovative products and customer specific application solutions to measuring and control technology for a wide range of industries our company holds a profitable position.

Close cooperation with our customers enables us to develop technologically advanced and economically useable products while achieving customer satisfaction and enthusiasm.

Permanent process optimization serves to secure steady earnings from our business with new and existing customers and to sustainably strengthen the profitability of our company. This translates into a solid foundation for our committed employees and as well as a successful cooperation along with attractive prospects for the future.

Corporate Principles

Fair practices and behavior in the workplace are the basis for partnership cooperation with our customers, suppliers and staff.

Systematic penetration of new markets, identification of market niches and market supply are the prerequisites to safeguard profitable growth. Competitive prices help secure our market position and achieve further internationalization.

Modern manufacturing technologies and high manufacturing depths offer a significant degree of freedom with view to our daily decisions. This guarantees superior quality, short reaction times and adherence to delivery schedules.

Lean company structures in conjunction with efficient operational processes mean cost optimization and controlled growth through our own efforts.

In association with our customers we are capable to realize customized solutions using intelligent and modular product concepts.

Our company is an owner managed and independent enterprise!

A good working atmosphere promotes both employee motivation and commitment. As a fair employer with a partnership based management style we can fully benefit from the involvement of our qualified employees who perform their tasks with commitment and enthusiasm, with a low fluctuation confirming our strategy.