Quality, innovation, selection and support
Appleton Group, formerly known as EGS Electrical Group, brings together the world’s most recognized brands: Appleton, ATX, O-Z/Gedney, SolaHD, EasyHeat, Nelson Heat Trace, Nelson Firestop, McGill and Nutsteel. We are a trusted, global supplier of steel boxes and fittings, heat tracing cables, power supplies, explosionproof controls, floor warming systems, industrial lighting and much more.

For product selection, quality, ease of installation and reliability in use, count on Appleton Group to supply the familiar products that have led the industry for decades—as well as the innovations that will drive new opportunities in the decades to come.

Our Brands
Stretching back as far as 1847, the companies that make up Appleton Group are all pioneers in their respective fields. Today, they stand for a heritage of proven quality and an enduring commitment to innovation. Backed by the resources of Emerson, they are ready to supply and support all the electrical solutions you need. 

Lighting, distribution equipment, plugs and receptacles, and other electrical construction products for hazardous and ordinary locations

Fittings, enclosures, controls and other electrical products designed for commercial and infrastructure locations

Power supplies, transformers, conditioners, regulators and other products for delivering reliable industrial power

Heating solutions to ensure proper pipe temperatures, free-flowing roof gutters, warm floors and safer sidewalks

Nelson Heat Trace
Heat tracing cables, panels, controls, accessories and software for industrial applications in ordinary and hazardous locations

Nelson Firestop Products
The right class of firestopping protection for any penetration, in any building or ship.

Electrical materials and equipment designed to meet IEC/ATEX standards

Electrical utility and safety solutions including portable and temporary lighting, reels and cords, switches and indicators, GFCIs and more

Our Products
Appleton Group supplies all the products needed to install, maintain and upgrade electrical systems anywhere – including hazardous, corrosive, weather-exposed, offshore and any other type of location.

Commercial Products
Service entrance fittings, conduit bodies and fittings, boxes and covers, connectors, clamps and hangers

Hazardous and ordinary location control stations, motor starters and indicators

Distribution Equipment dau noi MC4
Hazardous location switches, circuit breakers, panelboards and switchracks

Enclosures and Junction Boxes
Hazardous and ordinary location conduit and cable outlet boxes, junction boxes and enclosures

Hazardous and ordinary location conduit bodies and outlet boxes, cast device boxes, IMC and EMT fittings, ground fittings, cable and cord fittings, cable tray conduit clamps, cable glands, sealing fittings, drains and breathers

Heating Cables
Residential, commercial and industrial cables, thermostats and accessories for deicing, snow melting, floor warming, thermal storage and process temperature maintenance

Lighting technologies for any industrial or commercial application, including rugged, wet, corrosive and hazardous locations

Plugs and Receptacles
Metallic and non-metallic solutions for any load, fixed or portable, hazardous or ordinary location

Power Supply, Conditioning and Protection
Power supplies, transformers, conditioners, filters and uninterruptible power systems

Specialty Products
Cord reels, power cords, switches and indicator lights