MIKI PULLEY Co.Ltd is a leading company in Japan that specializes in manufacturing and providing solutions for all power transmission and control problems using advanced technology. The production quality of Couplings is leading in the world such as Miki Pulley Swivel Couplings, Miki Pulley Hydraulic Couplings, Miki Pulley Pneumatic Couplings, Miki Pulley Shaft Couplings, Rotary Couplings, Industrial Couplings and Joints steam connection…. Along with a variety of high-performance products such as Vapor sensor heads, Multi-function inverters, Electromagnetic clutch & electromagnetic brakes, Geared motor, Belt transmission, CVT, Brake Small electromagnetic brakes, electromagnetic brakes for robots...

MIKI PULLEY has the ability to research and develop new technologies to help improve productivity and efficiency of industrial drive systems. With the same goal of environmentally friendly products, we want to further improve product quality and provide customers with the most unique and advanced transmission solutions.

         MIKI PULLEY products:

  • Couplings

  • ETP Bushings & POSI-LOCK

  • Electromagnetic Clutches & Brakes

  • Speed Changers & Reducers

  • Inverters

  • Linear Shaft Drives

  • Rotation Speed Indicators

  • Torque Limiters

  • ROSTA Rubber Springs


Miki Pulley couplings are leading products not only for general purpose motors but also for servo motors, which require extremely precise control of the motor, generating high vibrations and large shocks.

Miki Pulley products can be applied in industries such as:

  • Printing Machine Applications

  • Transportation Applications

  • Medical Equipment Applications

  • CNC Machine Tool Applications

  • Pump Applications

  • CNC Lathe Applications

  • Wind Turbine Applications

  • Robotic Arm Applications

  • Automated Guided Vehicles

  • Automated Mobile Robots

List of industries serving Miki Pulley:

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