When you need to interface field processes with computer-based systems, readout equipment and other instrumentation...our technology, service and experience help you do it efficiently, safely, and cost-effectively.



The Interface Solution Experts

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When you need to interface field processes with computer-based systems, readout equipment and other instrumentation...our technology, service and experience help you do it efficiently, safely, and cost-effectively.

Moore Industries was established in 1968 and continues to be a privately held firm led by its founder and president Leonard W. Moore.

Perhaps best known for product quality and exceptional customer service, Moore Industries — The Interface Solution Experts — is a world leader in the design and manufacture of interface instruments for industrial process control, system integration, and factory automation. In 2005, Moore Industries acquired the fieldbus device couplers and power supplies product line of Hawke International, and formed the new division MooreHawke.

Providing products and services to fortune 500 companies worldwide, the products of Moore Industries — and now MooreHawke — are used in industries such as: chemical and petrochemical; power generation and transmission; petroleum extraction, refining and transport; pulp and paper; food and beverage; mining and metal refining; pharmaceuticals and biotechnology; industrial machinery and equipment; water and wastewater; and environmental and pollution monitoring.

Moore Industries is an international company with direct sales offices in strategic worldwide locations including the United States of America, Australia, Belgium, the Netherlands, the People's Republic of China and the United Kingdom. These offices oversee an expansive network of independent representatives and agents serving every corner of the globe.


refinery01Why Choose Moore Industries?

We have solutions. With an installed base of millions of instruments, thousands of satisfied customers rely on our field-proven interface solutions every day.


We're best known for being reliable. When you order an instrument from us, we'll deliver it on time. It will work now and long into the future.


You'll get the latest interface technology. We continually add new solutions to our lines of over 100 instruments available in literally millions of variations.


We'll earn your loyalty. Year after year, engineers and technicians like you rate us #1 in product preference and service.


We strive to meet special needs. If you don't find it in our catalog, please ask. We'll do everything we can to meet your application, service, and delivery needs.


Our products are easy to use. Our literature will smoothly guide you through product evaluation, selection, and installation.


You'll receive exceptional service. Our experienced team of applications engineers is on hand to help you choose and apply our interface products.


Let us prove how efficient and enjoyable it is to work with Moore Industries. Contact us today. Our major Interface Solution Centers are listed in theWorldwide Locations section.


We Serve the Process Industries 

We are there with the interface solutions that help make production possible.


  • Chemical and Petrochemicalrefinery02
  • Power Generation and Transmissionpaper
  • Petroleum Extraction, Refining, and Transportgelcaps
  • Pulp and Paperbottles
  • Food and Beverage
  • Mining and Metal Refining
  • Semiconductor and Microelectronics
  • Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology
  • Industrial Machinery and Equipment
  • Water and Wastewater Treatment
  • Environmental and Pollution Monitoring 


Global Sales and Service 

We are an international company with customer service capabilities throughout the world.

  • North and Latin America
  • Europe
  • Australia and Asia
  • Africa

Our network of over 130 locations allows us to quickly respond to your urgent requirements.


We Design the Innovations You Need

Since our start in 1968, our continued success is a direct result of listening to your needs, and then providing practical interface solutions.


Just a sample of our industry-first advancements include:


  • Input/output/power isolation as a standard feature to protect against ground loop noise.
  • Loop-powered hockey-puck designs for safe and simple installation in the field.
  • Digital cable concentrating technology that dramatically reduces the cost of sending multiple signals long distances.
  • Total Sensor Diagnostics, our patented temperature sensor troubleshooting advantage, that saves you time and money.
  • Standard high-density DIN-style, rail-mount housings.
  • Unique RFI/EMI protection.
  • Flexible temperature sensors that save time and money because they quickly install in a thermowell assembly without having to remove the transmitter enclosure or assembly components.


ISO 9001 certOur Commitment to Quality

Our certifications are verified evidence that every aspect of our company, from product conception to after sale support, is part of a carefully planned and implemented quality system.




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Get product and application answers, installation assistance, technical information and quotes fast at E-HELP EXPRESS. Our application experts do the work for you!


Interface Solution Line Card Moore Industries CenterClick Here to View the Moore Industries Interface Solution Line Card (3.76Mb)

Use the descriptions below to determine your general need. Then, click on the appropriate section for product selection guides, technical data and application information. 


Main Product Selection Index


Functional Safety - IEC 61508Functional Safety diagram

SIL 2 and SIL 3 Compliant instruments Certified to IEC 61508

Whether you are adding a single safety loop, have a few points to isolate, or need to augment a larger Safety Instrument System, Moore Industries FS Functional Safety Series of instruments are here to assist. Our FS Series products are designed and built in compliance with IEC 61508, the leading worldwide functional safety standard. In addition to our FS Series of products FMEDA (Failure Modes Effects and Diagnostic Analysis) reports are available on many of our products that are used in safety applications. Contact your Moore Industries Sales Representative to request safety data.

• Selection Guide and Product Information


temperature diagram

Temperature Sensors, Transmitters and Assemblies

Take a weak, low-level RTD or thermocouple signal and convert it to a high-level analog signal more suitable for long-distance transmission through a noisy plant, and ready for direct interface with an indicator, recorder, PLC, DCS, or PC-based SCADA system.

• Selection Guide and Product Information
• Applications

Limit Alarm Trips and Switchesalarm diagram

Provide on/off control, warn of trouble, or provide emergency shutdown by sending one or more alarm (relay) outputs when a monitored process signal falls outside of a selected high and/or low limit.

• Selection Guide and Product Information
• Applications

signal transmitters diagramSignal Transmitters, Isolators and Converters

Convert, isolate, split, boost, and step down process signals so field instruments can interface directly with indicators, recorders, DCS, PLC, and PC-based SCADA systems.

• Selection Guide and Product Information
• Applications

fieldbus diagramFieldbus Device Couplers and Power Supplies

Deliver a fast and easy way to connect, protect, power and terminate multiple fieldbus devices in FOUNDATION fieldbus™ and PROFIBUS PA segments.

• Selection Guide and Product Information

  MooreHawke Fieldbus Worldwide Logo Moore industriesFieldbus Logo Moore industries PROFIBUS Logo Moore industries



power controllers diagramProcess Controllers, Monitors and Backup Stations

Precisely control and monitor a temperature, pressure, level or flow process variable in batch and continuous processes, or back up critical or safety-related loops controlled by PLC, DCS and PC-based systems.

• Selection Guide and Product Information


smart hart diagram

Smart HART® Loop Monitors and Interfaces

Break out analog and discrete process, status and diagnostic signals from smart multivariable transmitters and valves; monitor critical and safety-related loops; prevent costly false shutdowns; and warn of unwanted process or instrument fault conditions. 

• Selection Guide and Product Information
• Applications

distributed io diagram

Process Control and Distributed I/O Networks

Eliminate expensive point-to-point wires by sending just a few—or thousands of—process monitoring and control signals between the field and control room on one digital communication link.

• Selection Guide and Product Information
• Applications

ip andpi diagramI/P and P/I Converters

Convert a current signal to a pneumatic signal so a DCS, PLC, or PC can control a valve or actuator; or convert pneumatic signals to current signals so remote pneumatic devices can interface with electronic instruments and computer-based monitoring systems.

• Selection Guide and Product Information
• Applications

ac power transducers diagramAC Power Transducers and Monitors

Schedule maintenance, identify inefficiencies, cut energy use, and prevent expensive damage to a load device like a motor, pump, heater, or mixer by accurately monitoring AC power use and trends. 

• Selection Guide and Product Information
• Applications

indicators displays diagramIndicators and Displays

Take a process input signal from a temperature, pressure, level, or flow transmitter loop and view real-time process status in rugged and hazardous field environments.

• Selection Guide and Product Information 


Instrument Enclosure Systems Moore Industries

Instrument Enclosure Systems

Our versatile and economical instrument enclosure systems are your solution for safely mounting electronic instruments in the field. Featuring standard dimensions and mounting configurations, they are designed for use with our instruments, as well as protection of other manufacturers' equipment.

• Selection Guide and Product Information
• NEW! Custom Enclosure Solutions


complementaryComplementary Products and Accessories

We offer a wide range of other interface solutions that will help you meet your signal interface goals: 

  • Frequency and Pulse Converters
  • Instrument Surge Suppressors
  • Instrument Power Supplies
  • Integrators, Totalizers, and Counters
  • Linearizers and Characterizers
  • Enclosures, Racks, and Rails