WATER CONSERVATION - Water-Gate Opening Indicators 

Shaft-Rotation Type

  • Series is a water-gate opening indicator by directly measuring a shaft rotation of hoisting device of water gate (suitable for Sluice, Radial or submersible Derricking gate).
  • Measured data is indicated by hand on a large scale board, and optional 3 type sensors (Synchro transmitter, Potentiometer, Limit switch) are able to mount as option for output signal.


Model (Old)

Model (New)


Water-gate opening indicator - Shaft-Rotation Type



Water-gate opening indicator - Shaft-Rotation Type



Water-gate opening indicator - Shaft-Rotation Type




Wire-Spring Type (RTX1000 Series)

  • RTX1000 Series is water gate opening indicator by measuring a length of paying-out of wire which is directly connected to the gate body, and wire loosening will be rolled up by a spring (Available for radial gate and sluice gate)
  •  Directly measurement of the gate position by dedicated wire
  • Wire tension is secured by spiral spring and no need for counterweight
  • Accuracy is not affected by conditions of gate hoist
  • Can be installed at existing gate
  • Max.12m measuring range(Normally 10m or less)
  • Good visibility by analog indication
  • Optional 4 type sensors can be embedded (Synchro transmitter, A/D-converter, Potentiometer, Limit switch)
  • High durability due to simple mechanical structure
  • Available for radial gate and sluice gate
  • Rainproof enclosure (IP23)

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