SANKO ELECTRONIC LABOLATORY CO., LTD. has been developing and producing precise, high quality gauges such as coating thickness meters, moisture meters, pinhole(holiday) detectors and other testing instruments for more than 45 years and has gained a largest market share of the Coating Thickness Gauges in a Japanese market.
With a comprehensive range of the measuring equipment, Sanko offers you price competitive, innovative, high quality and easy-to-operate products as well as user-friendly services
Our products have been tested in accordance with regulations necessary for markets and they meet the required directives.

For Vietnam market, SANKO officially appoint ANS  Vietnam deal all  Sanko products  and also  mechanical services.
For further detail and Vietnamese version, please contact  SANKO- VIETNAM 



TY-30, TY-20Z


APA- 6800 W


SV- 602; SV-752; SV- 1502, SV- 2002